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Certified (1037)
Apr 29, 2008
Nov 7, 2018
Denied (20)
Oct 28, 2008
Jan 21, 2014
Withdrawn (3)
May 22, 2009
Aug 22, 2013
Expired (440)
Oct 5, 2007
Apr 2, 2013

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Case Number Decision
A-18219-05128 CERTIFIED
A-18214-03851 CERTIFIED
A-18206-01260 CERTIFIED
A-18200-99229 CERTIFIED
A-18192-96239 CERTIFIED
A-18190-95145 CERTIFIED
A-18187-94720 CERTIFIED
A-18187-94850 CERTIFIED
A-18186-94582 CERTIFIED
A-18186-94571 CERTIFIED
A-18170-88128 CERTIFIED
A-18169-87618 CERTIFIED
A-18164-86321 CERTIFIED
A-18162-84985 CERTIFIED
A-18159-84519 CERTIFIED
A-18159-84460 CERTIFIED
A-18159-84650 CERTIFIED
A-18158-84294 CERTIFIED
A-18158-84039 CERTIFIED
A-18152-81764 CERTIFIED
A-18152-81814 CERTIFIED
A-18152-81842 CERTIFIED
A-18149-80512 CERTIFIED
A-18131-74283 CERTIFIED
A-18121-70002 CERTIFIED
A-18103-63011 CERTIFIED
A-18101-61975 CERTIFIED
A-18101-62041 CERTIFIED
A-18099-60659 CERTIFIED
A-18098-60564 CERTIFIED
A-18098-60563 CERTIFIED
A-18096-60458 CERTIFIED
A-18095-59647 CERTIFIED
A-18093-58634 CERTIFIED
A-18090-58054 CERTIFIED
A-18090-58053 CERTIFIED
A-18089-57825 CERTIFIED
A-18089-57909 CERTIFIED
A-18089-57749 CERTIFIED
A-18088-57358 CERTIFIED
A-18086-56463 CERTIFIED
A-18085-56235 CERTIFIED
A-18084-56065 CERTIFIED
A-18076-53577 CERTIFIED
A-18076-53585 CERTIFIED
A-18065-49690 CERTIFIED
A-18056-46949 CERTIFIED
A-18055-46940 CERTIFIED
A-18050-45059 CERTIFIED
A-18050-44949 CERTIFIED
A-18050-44876 CERTIFIED
A-18043-42589 CERTIFIED
A-18037-40474 CERTIFIED
A-18036-39566 CERTIFIED
A-18032-38620 CERTIFIED
A-18028-36311 CERTIFIED
A-18028-36312 CERTIFIED
A-18026-35873 CERTIFIED
A-18026-35915 CERTIFIED
A-18017-32035 CERTIFIED
A-18017-32186 CERTIFIED
A-18016-31846 CERTIFIED
A-18016-31700 CERTIFIED
A-18016-31612 CERTIFIED
A-18012-30742 CERTIFIED
A-18012-30747 CERTIFIED
A-18011-30070 CERTIFIED
A-18011-30256 CERTIFIED
A-18011-30396 CERTIFIED
A-18010-29585 CERTIFIED
A-18002-26584 CERTIFIED
A-17362-25766 CERTIFIED
A-17362-25884 CERTIFIED
A-17355-24116 CERTIFIED
A-17352-22706 CERTIFIED
A-17342-19500 CERTIFIED
A-17341-19110 CERTIFIED
A-17340-18544 CERTIFIED
A-17340-18070 CERTIFIED
A-17339-17912 CERTIFIED
A-17339-17864 CERTIFIED
A-17339-18054 CERTIFIED
A-17339-17579 CERTIFIED
A-17339-17754 CERTIFIED
A-17339-18048 CERTIFIED
A-17339-18008 CERTIFIED
A-17334-16072 CERTIFIED
A-17331-14216 CERTIFIED
A-17317-09982 CERTIFIED
A-17314-09442 CERTIFIED
A-17311-08023 CERTIFIED
A-17311-08023 CERTIFIED
A-17304-05300 CERTIFIED
A-17301-04258 CERTIFIED
A-17297-02350 CERTIFIED
A-17297-02543 CERTIFIED
A-17293-01368 CERTIFIED
A-17292-00580 CERTIFIED
A-17291-00379 CERTIFIED
A-17290-99656 CERTIFIED
A-17290-99874 CERTIFIED
A-17290-99660 CERTIFIED
A-17290-99581 CERTIFIED
A-17286-98370 CERTIFIED
A-17284-97346 CERTIFIED
A-17284-97284 CERTIFIED
A-17284-97261 CERTIFIED
A-17277-94717 CERTIFIED
A-17271-92572 CERTIFIED
A-17268-91052 CERTIFIED
A-17268-90822 CERTIFIED
A-17264-89996 CERTIFIED
A-17258-87587 CERTIFIED
A-17256-86357 CERTIFIED
A-17255-86204 CERTIFIED
A-17254-85606 CERTIFIED
A-17250-84699 CERTIFIED
A-17243-82525 CERTIFIED
A-17243-82621 CERTIFIED
A-17235-79297 CERTIFIED
A-17230-77536 CERTIFIED
A-17229-77222 CERTIFIED
A-17220-73584 CERTIFIED
A-17219-72681 CERTIFIED
A-17219-72744 CERTIFIED
A-17216-72523 CERTIFIED
A-17215-71981 CERTIFIED
A-17214-71334 CERTIFIED
A-17207-68573 CERTIFIED
A-17206-68212 CERTIFIED
A-17206-68210 CERTIFIED
A-17200-65871 CERTIFIED
A-17200-65842 CERTIFIED
A-17199-65243 CERTIFIED
A-17198-64641 CERTIFIED
A-17198-64345 CERTIFIED
A-17191-61689 CERTIFIED
A-17186-59680 CERTIFIED
A-17186-59828 CERTIFIED
A-17181-59155 CERTIFIED
A-17181-59000 CERTIFIED
A-17181-58955 CERTIFIED
A-17180-58657 CERTIFIED
A-17180-58201 CERTIFIED
A-17178-57370 CERTIFIED
A-17178-56886 CERTIFIED
A-17178-57357 CERTIFIED
A-17177-56568 CERTIFIED
A-17177-56593 CERTIFIED
A-17171-53851 CERTIFIED
A-17167-52380 CERTIFIED
A-17164-50408 CERTIFIED
A-17164-50391 CERTIFIED
A-17160-49079 CERTIFIED
A-17160-48676 CERTIFIED
A-17158-47643 CERTIFIED
A-17157-46896 CERTIFIED
A-17152-45408 CERTIFIED
A-17145-42991 CERTIFIED
A-17144-42652 CERTIFIED
A-17143-42037 CERTIFIED
A-17142-41498 CERTIFIED
A-17139-40637 CERTIFIED
A-17138-40107 CERTIFIED
A-17136-39175 CERTIFIED
A-17131-37221 CERTIFIED
A-17130-36907 CERTIFIED
A-17128-35566 CERTIFIED
A-17122-33127 CERTIFIED
A-17121-32004 CERTIFIED
A-17121-32431 CERTIFIED
A-17117-31169 CERTIFIED
A-17116-30510 CERTIFIED
A-17115-29789 CERTIFIED
A-17114-29068 CERTIFIED
A-17114-29022 CERTIFIED
A-17114-28572 CERTIFIED
A-17110-27247 CERTIFIED
A-17107-25742 CERTIFIED
A-17107-25943 CERTIFIED
A-17104-25297 CERTIFIED
A-17096-21625 CERTIFIED
A-17094-20776 CERTIFIED
A-17094-20760 CERTIFIED
A-17093-20191 CERTIFIED
A-17087-18144 CERTIFIED
A-17080-16106 CERTIFIED
A-17075-14584 CERTIFIED
A-17073-13444 CERTIFIED
A-17073-13309 CERTIFIED
A-17073-13474 CERTIFIED
A-17067-10686 CERTIFIED
A-17066-10355 CERTIFIED
A-17065-09789 CERTIFIED
A-17064-09389 CERTIFIED
A-17064-09356 CERTIFIED
A-17062-09215 CERTIFIED
A-17062-09269 CERTIFIED
A-17062-09254 CERTIFIED
A-17062-09260 CERTIFIED
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