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Certified (856)
Apr 29, 2008
Sep 18, 2017
Denied (20)
Oct 28, 2008
Jan 21, 2014
Withdrawn (3)
May 22, 2009
Aug 22, 2013
Expired (440)
Oct 5, 2007
Apr 2, 2013

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Case Number Decision
A-17116-30510 CERTIFIED
A-17115-29789 CERTIFIED
A-17114-29068 CERTIFIED
A-17114-29022 CERTIFIED
A-17110-27247 CERTIFIED
A-17107-25742 CERTIFIED
A-17094-20776 CERTIFIED
A-17094-20760 CERTIFIED
A-17087-18144 CERTIFIED
A-17080-16106 CERTIFIED
A-17075-14584 CERTIFIED
A-17073-13474 CERTIFIED
A-17067-10686 CERTIFIED
A-17066-10355 CERTIFIED
A-17065-09789 CERTIFIED
A-17064-09389 CERTIFIED
A-17062-09215 CERTIFIED
A-17062-09269 CERTIFIED
A-17062-09254 CERTIFIED
A-17062-09260 CERTIFIED
A-17060-08329 CERTIFIED
A-17053-05927 CERTIFIED
A-17053-05615 CERTIFIED
A-17052-05393 CERTIFIED
A-17047-04010 CERTIFIED
A-17046-03344 CERTIFIED
A-17045-03006 CERTIFIED
A-17039-01005 CERTIFIED
A-17032-97684 CERTIFIED
A-17030-97012 CERTIFIED
A-17024-94887 CERTIFIED
A-17024-94835 CERTIFIED
A-17024-94809 CERTIFIED
A-17020-93603 CERTIFIED
A-17020-93263 CERTIFIED
A-17018-92444 CERTIFIED
A-17017-91711 CERTIFIED
A-17009-89016 CERTIFIED
A-16357-84019 CERTIFIED
A-16357-84080 CERTIFIED
A-16356-83728 CERTIFIED
A-16353-82189 CERTIFIED
A-16350-81580 CERTIFIED
A-16349-80973 CERTIFIED
A-16343-78739 CERTIFIED
A-16343-78631 CERTIFIED
A-16343-78898 CERTIFIED
A-16342-78401 CERTIFIED
A-16342-78393 CERTIFIED
A-16342-78215 CERTIFIED
A-16341-77938 CERTIFIED
A-16335-75724 CERTIFIED
A-16333-74889 CERTIFIED
A-16328-74255 CERTIFIED
A-16326-73377 CERTIFIED
A-16326-73604 CERTIFIED
A-16322-72382 CERTIFIED
A-16321-72076 CERTIFIED
A-16320-71275 CERTIFIED
A-16319-70913 CERTIFIED
A-16316-70560 CERTIFIED
A-16316-70651 CERTIFIED
A-16314-69607 CERTIFIED
A-16313-69257 CERTIFIED
A-16313-69208 CERTIFIED
A-16312-69043 CERTIFIED
A-16309-68406 CERTIFIED
A-16309-68649 CERTIFIED
A-16308-67912 CERTIFIED
A-16308-68187 CERTIFIED
A-16308-68183 CERTIFIED
A-16306-67217 CERTIFIED
A-16302-66383 CERTIFIED
A-16302-66436 CERTIFIED
A-16302-66450 CERTIFIED
A-16301-66078 CERTIFIED
A-16299-65105 CERTIFIED
A-16293-63098 CERTIFIED
A-16292-62779 CERTIFIED
A-16292-62901 CERTIFIED
A-16291-62373 CERTIFIED
A-16291-62301 CERTIFIED
A-16291-62557 CERTIFIED
A-16288-62016 CERTIFIED
A-16286-61105 CERTIFIED
A-16285-60734 CERTIFIED
A-16285-60783 CERTIFIED
A-16281-60200 CERTIFIED
A-16281-60010 CERTIFIED
A-16280-59624 CERTIFIED
A-16280-59785 CERTIFIED
A-16279-59388 CERTIFIED
A-16279-59340 CERTIFIED
A-16277-58515 CERTIFIED
A-16277-58280 CERTIFIED
A-16272-57128 CERTIFIED
A-16271-56868 CERTIFIED
A-16271-56737 CERTIFIED
A-16270-56427 CERTIFIED
A-16266-55506 CERTIFIED
A-16263-53970 CERTIFIED
A-16258-52824 CERTIFIED
A-16258-52813 CERTIFIED
A-16252-50836 CERTIFIED
A-16251-50521 CERTIFIED
A-16251-50048 CERTIFIED
A-16246-49172 CERTIFIED
A-16244-48580 CERTIFIED
A-16244-48381 CERTIFIED
A-16243-48071 CERTIFIED
A-16243-48063 CERTIFIED
A-16242-47347 CERTIFIED
A-16239-46945 CERTIFIED
A-16239-46672 CERTIFIED
A-16238-46644 CERTIFIED
A-16236-45596 CERTIFIED
A-16235-44950 CERTIFIED
A-16235-45109 CERTIFIED
A-16230-43512 CERTIFIED
A-16225-42029 CERTIFIED
A-16225-41650 CERTIFIED
A-16224-41447 CERTIFIED
A-16224-41401 CERTIFIED
A-16224-41391 CERTIFIED
A-16224-41590 CERTIFIED
A-16222-40312 CERTIFIED
A-16222-40744 CERTIFIED
A-16222-40708 CERTIFIED
A-16221-40127 CERTIFIED
A-16218-39800 CERTIFIED
A-16217-39382 CERTIFIED
A-16217-39408 CERTIFIED
A-16217-39205 CERTIFIED
A-16217-39147 CERTIFIED
A-16215-38442 CERTIFIED
A-16215-38522 CERTIFIED
A-16213-37558 CERTIFIED
A-16213-37608 CERTIFIED
A-16211-37502 CERTIFIED
A-16211-37334 CERTIFIED
A-16209-36393 CERTIFIED
A-16209-36582 CERTIFIED
A-16208-36182 CERTIFIED
A-16207-35736 CERTIFIED
A-16204-35240 CERTIFIED
A-16197-33289 CERTIFIED
A-16193-31441 CERTIFIED
A-16190-30611 CERTIFIED
A-16189-30379 CERTIFIED
A-16189-30292 CERTIFIED
A-16188-29713 CERTIFIED
A-16185-28932 CERTIFIED
A-16172-23998 CERTIFIED
A-16172-23841 CERTIFIED
A-16169-23237 CERTIFIED
A-16167-22122 CERTIFIED
A-16165-21078 CERTIFIED
A-16165-21125 CERTIFIED
A-16165-21290 CERTIFIED
A-16161-20113 CERTIFIED
A-16161-20273 CERTIFIED
A-16161-20237 CERTIFIED
A-16159-19046 CERTIFIED
A-16155-17730 CERTIFIED
A-16155-17625 CERTIFIED
A-16144-13316 CERTIFIED
A-16143-13105 CERTIFIED
A-16141-12943 CERTIFIED
A-16138-10810 CERTIFIED
A-16137-10399 CERTIFIED
A-16133-09119 CERTIFIED
A-16133-09476 CERTIFIED
A-16133-09567 CERTIFIED
A-16132-08810 CERTIFIED
A-16132-08145 CERTIFIED
A-16132-08788 CERTIFIED
A-16131-08119 CERTIFIED
A-16131-08129 CERTIFIED
A-16130-07515 CERTIFIED
A-16126-06357 CERTIFIED
A-16126-06352 CERTIFIED
A-16126-06376 CERTIFIED
A-16111-99992 CERTIFIED
A-16110-99352 CERTIFIED
A-16110-99266 CERTIFIED
A-16106-98059 CERTIFIED
A-16105-97546 CERTIFIED
A-16104-96365 CERTIFIED
A-16102-95724 CERTIFIED
A-16096-93392 CERTIFIED
A-16092-92150 CERTIFIED
A-16092-91930 CERTIFIED
A-16090-91074 CERTIFIED
A-16085-89483 CERTIFIED
A-16085-89353 CERTIFIED
A-16084-88806 CERTIFIED
A-16083-88488 CERTIFIED
A-16076-85379 CERTIFIED
A-16074-84229 CERTIFIED
A-16071-83582 CERTIFIED
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