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Certified (353)
Apr 10, 2008
Apr 23, 2018
Denied (15)
Apr 24, 2008
Feb 21, 2014
Withdrawn (13)
Dec 6, 2007
Mar 13, 2014
Expired (100)
Oct 18, 2007
Mar 29, 2013

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Case Number Decision
A-17312-08686 CERTIFIED
A-17308-06942 CERTIFIED
A-17286-98306 CERTIFIED
A-17284-97595 CERTIFIED
A-17284-97312 CERTIFIED
A-17279-95925 CERTIFIED
A-17268-91213 CERTIFIED
A-17268-91009 CERTIFIED
A-17263-89502 CERTIFIED
A-17263-89504 CERTIFIED
A-17262-88945 CERTIFIED
A-17262-88943 CERTIFIED
A-17242-81818 CERTIFIED
A-17241-81013 CERTIFIED
A-17241-80963 CERTIFIED
A-17225-75222 CERTIFIED
A-17225-75234 CERTIFIED
A-17225-75223 CERTIFIED
A-17178-57359 CERTIFIED
A-17176-56016 CERTIFIED
A-17170-53133 CERTIFIED
A-17170-53146 CERTIFIED
A-17131-37424 CERTIFIED
A-17130-36392 CERTIFIED
A-17128-35310 CERTIFIED
A-17120-31926 CERTIFIED
A-17116-30155 CERTIFIED
A-17114-29062 CERTIFIED
A-17114-28948 CERTIFIED
A-17109-27044 CERTIFIED
A-17109-27193 CERTIFIED
A-17109-27069 CERTIFIED
A-17107-25888 CERTIFIED
A-17107-25817 CERTIFIED
A-17096-21740 CERTIFIED
A-17096-21637 CERTIFIED
A-17095-21003 CERTIFIED
A-17083-17268 CERTIFIED
A-17082-16702 CERTIFIED
A-17082-16717 CERTIFIED
A-17081-16516 CERTIFIED
A-17080-16126 CERTIFIED
A-17058-07378 CERTIFIED
A-17051-05010 CERTIFIED
A-17051-04998 CERTIFIED
A-17047-03651 CERTIFIED
A-17038-00249 CERTIFIED
A-17037-99956 CERTIFIED
A-17037-99934 CERTIFIED
A-17036-99341 CERTIFIED
A-17031-97225 CERTIFIED
A-17027-96480 CERTIFIED
A-17018-92397 CERTIFIED
A-17018-92405 CERTIFIED
A-17007-88462 CERTIFIED
A-17005-87865 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87280 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86685 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86609 CERTIFIED
A-17002-86331 CERTIFIED
A-17002-86329 CERTIFIED
A-16358-84476 CERTIFIED
A-16358-84428 CERTIFIED
A-16350-81434 CERTIFIED
A-16350-81361 CERTIFIED
A-16347-79789 CERTIFIED
A-16347-79750 CERTIFIED
A-16342-78066 CERTIFIED
A-16324-73085 CERTIFIED
A-16324-73083 CERTIFIED
A-16318-70813 CERTIFIED
A-16318-70784 CERTIFIED
A-16316-70439 CERTIFIED
A-16316-70461 CERTIFIED
A-16304-66560 CERTIFIED
A-16301-66088 CERTIFIED
A-16294-63915 CERTIFIED
A-16294-63544 CERTIFIED
A-16293-63458 CERTIFIED
A-16273-57770 CERTIFIED
A-16273-57483 CERTIFIED
A-16265-54617 CERTIFIED
A-16250-49696 CERTIFIED
A-16250-49917 CERTIFIED
A-16242-47308 CERTIFIED
A-16230-43409 CERTIFIED
A-16229-43092 CERTIFIED
A-16223-41147 CERTIFIED
A-16168-22671 CERTIFIED
A-16167-22025 CERTIFIED
A-16166-21410 CERTIFIED
A-16145-13691 CERTIFIED
A-16134-09828 CERTIFIED
A-16134-10052 CERTIFIED
A-16133-08883 CERTIFIED
A-16127-06659 CERTIFIED
A-16123-04658 CERTIFIED
A-16123-04607 CERTIFIED
A-16123-04478 CERTIFIED
A-16117-02318 CERTIFIED
A-16110-98864 CERTIFIED
A-16109-98653 CERTIFIED
A-16109-98479 CERTIFIED
A-16109-98302 CERTIFIED
A-16109-98350 CERTIFIED
A-16105-97107 CERTIFIED
A-16105-97413 CERTIFIED
A-16105-97310 CERTIFIED
A-16105-97050 CERTIFIED
A-16104-96798 CERTIFIED
A-16104-96435 CERTIFIED
A-16103-95964 CERTIFIED
A-16103-96225 CERTIFIED
A-16099-94788 CERTIFIED
A-16090-90887 CERTIFIED
A-16086-89567 CERTIFIED
A-16085-89450 CERTIFIED
A-16076-85156 CERTIFIED
A-16076-85079 CERTIFIED
A-16075-84521 CERTIFIED
A-16075-84476 CERTIFIED
A-16068-81651 CERTIFIED
A-16064-80452 CERTIFIED
A-16055-76508 CERTIFIED
A-16055-76491 CERTIFIED
A-16050-74930 CERTIFIED
A-16049-74540 CERTIFIED
A-16049-74511 CERTIFIED
A-16049-74424 CERTIFIED
A-16043-72562 CERTIFIED
A-16034-68542 CERTIFIED
A-16032-67581 CERTIFIED
A-16032-67481 CERTIFIED
A-16032-67414 CERTIFIED
A-16032-67443 CERTIFIED
A-16028-66339 CERTIFIED
A-16028-66269 CERTIFIED
A-16028-66414 CERTIFIED
A-16013-60916 CERTIFIED
A-15355-53212 CERTIFIED
A-15355-53286 CERTIFIED
A-15355-53193 CERTIFIED
A-15355-53363 CERTIFIED
A-15350-51630 CERTIFIED
A-15350-51557 CERTIFIED
A-15324-42072 CERTIFIED
A-15322-41001 CERTIFIED
A-15309-36321 CERTIFIED
A-15300-32920 CERTIFIED
A-15295-31288 CERTIFIED
A-15294-30719 CERTIFIED
A-15292-29804 CERTIFIED
A-15292-29762 CERTIFIED
A-15292-29941 CERTIFIED
A-15288-29110 CERTIFIED
A-15288-29074 CERTIFIED
A-15286-27902 CERTIFIED
A-15285-27492 CERTIFIED
A-15281-26534 CERTIFIED
A-15279-25370 CERTIFIED
A-15274-24042 CERTIFIED
A-15273-23759 CERTIFIED
A-15271-22464 CERTIFIED
A-15271-22729 CERTIFIED
A-15260-18602 CERTIFIED
A-15260-18638 CERTIFIED
A-15252-15693 CERTIFIED
A-15247-15042 CERTIFIED
A-15246-14381 CERTIFIED
A-15244-13544 CERTIFIED
A-15244-13530 CERTIFIED
A-15244-13517 CERTIFIED
A-15244-13718 CERTIFIED
A-15240-12545 CERTIFIED
A-15239-12142 CERTIFIED
A-15239-12414 CERTIFIED
A-15239-12402 CERTIFIED
A-15224-07735 CERTIFIED
A-15210-03234 CERTIFIED
A-15208-02265 CERTIFIED
A-15208-02436 CERTIFIED
A-15208-02201 CERTIFIED
A-15208-02188 CERTIFIED
A-15205-01853 CERTIFIED
A-15202-00389 CERTIFIED
A-15202-00311 CERTIFIED
A-15201-99854 CERTIFIED
A-15194-97247 CERTIFIED
A-15194-97390 CERTIFIED
A-15194-97549 CERTIFIED
A-15194-97540 CERTIFIED
A-15194-97444 CERTIFIED
A-15194-97348 CERTIFIED
A-15194-97201 CERTIFIED
A-15190-96367 CERTIFIED
A-15181-92945 CERTIFIED
A-15181-93128 CERTIFIED
A-15181-93057 CERTIFIED
A-15167-87110 CERTIFIED
A-15167-87073 CERTIFIED
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