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Certified (960)
Apr 6, 2009
Oct 9, 2018
Denied (7)
Aug 21, 2008
Sep 17, 2010
Withdrawn (14)
Oct 22, 2013
Feb 20, 2014
Expired (20)
Oct 14, 2008
Mar 25, 2011

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Case Number Decision
A-18085-56427 CERTIFIED
A-18085-56426 CERTIFIED
A-18085-56424 CERTIFIED
A-18043-42528 CERTIFIED
A-18043-42513 CERTIFIED
A-18041-42250 CERTIFIED
A-18038-40717 CERTIFIED
A-18037-40026 CERTIFIED
A-18037-40021 CERTIFIED
A-18033-39298 CERTIFIED
A-18033-39321 CERTIFIED
A-18033-39313 CERTIFIED
A-18011-29989 CERTIFIED
A-18011-29993 CERTIFIED
A-18011-29936 CERTIFIED
A-18010-29437 CERTIFIED
A-18010-29409 CERTIFIED
A-18009-29336 CERTIFIED
A-17180-58321 CERTIFIED
A-17180-58313 CERTIFIED
A-17180-58290 CERTIFIED
A-17180-58262 CERTIFIED
A-17180-58256 CERTIFIED
A-17179-57450 CERTIFIED
A-17179-57444 CERTIFIED
A-17178-56925 CERTIFIED
A-17178-56794 CERTIFIED
A-17177-56631 CERTIFIED
A-17177-56629 CERTIFIED
A-17177-56626 CERTIFIED
A-17174-55462 CERTIFIED
A-17174-55420 CERTIFIED
A-17174-55427 CERTIFIED
A-17173-54757 CERTIFIED
A-17173-54745 CERTIFIED
A-17171-53218 CERTIFIED
A-17171-53210 CERTIFIED
A-17171-53248 CERTIFIED
A-17171-53243 CERTIFIED
A-17171-53209 CERTIFIED
A-17166-51265 CERTIFIED
A-17166-51258 CERTIFIED
A-17160-48698 CERTIFIED
A-17160-48689 CERTIFIED
A-17145-43226 CERTIFIED
A-17145-43250 CERTIFIED
A-17141-40946 CERTIFIED
A-17141-40945 CERTIFIED
A-17141-40944 CERTIFIED
A-17134-38166 CERTIFIED
A-17130-36924 CERTIFIED
A-17130-36923 CERTIFIED
A-17116-30571 CERTIFIED
A-17116-30564 CERTIFIED
A-17116-30544 CERTIFIED
A-17116-30537 CERTIFIED
A-17068-11169 CERTIFIED
A-17068-11163 CERTIFIED
A-17068-11162 CERTIFIED
A-17062-08852 CERTIFIED
A-17062-08853 CERTIFIED
A-17061-08400 CERTIFIED
A-17061-08399 CERTIFIED
A-17061-08429 CERTIFIED
A-17061-08401 CERTIFIED
A-17061-08426 CERTIFIED
A-17061-08414 CERTIFIED
A-17061-08403 CERTIFIED
A-17046-03175 CERTIFIED
A-17034-98928 CERTIFIED
A-17032-97644 CERTIFIED
A-17032-97641 CERTIFIED
A-17031-97381 CERTIFIED
A-17031-97345 CERTIFIED
A-17031-97343 CERTIFIED
A-17031-97319 CERTIFIED
A-17030-96615 CERTIFIED
A-17029-96605 CERTIFIED
A-17022-93692 CERTIFIED
A-17022-93687 CERTIFIED
A-17022-93686 CERTIFIED
A-17022-93684 CERTIFIED
A-17022-93683 CERTIFIED
A-17010-89525 CERTIFIED
A-17010-89515 CERTIFIED
A-17010-89538 CERTIFIED
A-17009-88762 CERTIFIED
A-17006-88306 CERTIFIED
A-17006-88336 CERTIFIED
A-17005-87789 CERTIFIED
A-17005-87694 CERTIFIED
A-17005-87679 CERTIFIED
A-17005-87648 CERTIFIED
A-17005-87641 CERTIFIED
A-17005-87798 CERTIFIED
A-17005-87750 CERTIFIED
A-17005-87726 CERTIFIED
A-17005-87717 CERTIFIED
A-17005-87688 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87323 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87321 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87275 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87248 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87216 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87211 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87171 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87319 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87318 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87255 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87177 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87111 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87239 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87206 CERTIFIED
A-17004-87202 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86753 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86752 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86751 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86784 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86780 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86756 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86782 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86785 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86783 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86781 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86779 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86778 CERTIFIED
A-17003-86755 CERTIFIED
A-17002-86325 CERTIFIED
A-17002-86321 CERTIFIED
A-17002-86320 CERTIFIED
A-17002-86319 CERTIFIED
A-17002-86307 CERTIFIED
A-17002-86306 CERTIFIED
A-17002-86302 CERTIFIED
A-17002-86318 CERTIFIED
A-17002-86305 CERTIFIED
A-17002-86317 CERTIFIED
A-16334-75387 CERTIFIED
A-16334-75383 CERTIFIED
A-16334-75379 CERTIFIED
A-16334-75351 CERTIFIED
A-16334-75345 CERTIFIED
A-16333-74620 CERTIFIED
A-16333-74610 CERTIFIED
A-16333-74606 CERTIFIED
A-16331-74558 CERTIFIED
A-16331-74554 CERTIFIED
A-16331-74552 CERTIFIED
A-16331-74557 CERTIFIED
A-16331-74551 CERTIFIED
A-16331-74556 CERTIFIED
A-16331-74555 CERTIFIED
A-16328-74069 CERTIFIED
A-16328-74058 CERTIFIED
A-16328-74064 CERTIFIED
A-16328-74060 CERTIFIED
A-16328-74082 CERTIFIED
A-16328-74065 CERTIFIED
A-16328-74061 CERTIFIED
A-16328-74063 CERTIFIED
A-16328-74062 CERTIFIED
A-16328-74084 CERTIFIED
A-16326-73516 CERTIFIED
A-16326-73493 CERTIFIED
A-16326-73485 CERTIFIED
A-16326-73482 CERTIFIED
A-16325-73073 CERTIFIED
A-16325-73155 CERTIFIED
A-16325-73136 CERTIFIED
A-16325-73138 CERTIFIED
A-16325-73074 CERTIFIED
A-16323-72653 CERTIFIED
A-16323-72652 CERTIFIED
A-16323-72647 CERTIFIED
A-16323-72630 CERTIFIED
A-16323-72649 CERTIFIED
A-16323-72648 CERTIFIED
A-16323-72646 CERTIFIED
A-16323-72631 CERTIFIED
A-16323-72661 CERTIFIED
A-16323-72644 CERTIFIED
A-16322-72613 CERTIFIED
A-16322-72608 CERTIFIED
A-16322-72603 CERTIFIED
A-16322-72602 CERTIFIED
A-16322-72558 CERTIFIED
A-16322-72551 CERTIFIED
A-16322-72547 CERTIFIED
A-16322-72541 CERTIFIED
A-16322-72585 CERTIFIED
A-16322-72583 CERTIFIED
A-16322-72582 CERTIFIED
A-16322-72555 CERTIFIED
A-16317-70718 CERTIFIED
A-16317-70770 CERTIFIED
A-16317-70757 CERTIFIED
A-16317-70733 CERTIFIED
A-16317-70732 CERTIFIED
A-16317-70724 CERTIFIED
A-16317-70723 CERTIFIED
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