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Jan 11, 2016
Nov 13, 2018
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Case Number Decision
A-18248-14629 CERTIFIED
A-18229-08842 CERTIFIED
A-18221-06182 CERTIFIED
A-18221-06125 CERTIFIED
A-18214-03744 CERTIFIED
A-18190-95444 CERTIFIED
A-18151-81314 CERTIFIED
A-18151-81402 CERTIFIED
A-18151-81239 CERTIFIED
A-18151-81488 CERTIFIED
A-18121-69889 CERTIFIED
A-18121-69824 CERTIFIED
A-18121-69780 CERTIFIED
A-18121-69874 CERTIFIED
A-18110-65974 CERTIFIED
A-18099-60721 CERTIFIED
A-18099-60610 CERTIFIED
A-18037-40370 CERTIFIED
A-18037-40068 CERTIFIED
A-18037-40114 CERTIFIED
A-18037-40251 CERTIFIED
A-18036-39525 CERTIFIED
A-18036-39721 CERTIFIED
A-18036-39601 CERTIFIED
A-18031-37623 CERTIFIED
A-18030-37162 CERTIFIED
A-18004-27646 CERTIFIED
A-18004-27685 CERTIFIED
A-18004-27478 CERTIFIED
A-18004-27416 CERTIFIED
A-18004-27636 CERTIFIED
A-18004-27495 CERTIFIED
A-18004-27446 CERTIFIED
A-17352-23020 CERTIFIED
A-17352-23042 CERTIFIED
A-17347-20912 CERTIFIED
A-17333-15166 CERTIFIED
A-17333-15049 CERTIFIED
A-17333-15109 CERTIFIED
A-17332-14431 CERTIFIED
A-17332-14488 CERTIFIED
A-17332-14573 CERTIFIED
A-17332-14522 CERTIFIED
A-17331-13980 CERTIFIED
A-17331-13923 CERTIFIED
A-17331-14064 CERTIFIED
A-17331-14086 CERTIFIED
A-17331-13945 CERTIFIED
A-17331-13877 CERTIFIED
A-17304-05066 CERTIFIED
A-17272-93074 CERTIFIED
A-17272-93049 CERTIFIED
A-17272-93038 CERTIFIED
A-17268-90976 CERTIFIED
A-17268-90936 CERTIFIED
A-17268-90833 CERTIFIED
A-17268-90772 CERTIFIED
A-17268-90741 CERTIFIED
A-17268-90890 CERTIFIED
A-17268-90757 CERTIFIED
A-17265-90470 CERTIFIED
A-17264-89765 CERTIFIED
A-17261-88031 CERTIFIED
A-17254-85467 CERTIFIED
A-17251-85013 CERTIFIED
A-17251-84822 CERTIFIED
A-17251-84775 CERTIFIED
A-17251-84763 CERTIFIED
A-17250-84324 CERTIFIED
A-17250-84279 CERTIFIED
A-17250-84266 CERTIFIED
A-17243-82581 CERTIFIED
A-17242-81555 CERTIFIED
A-17235-79069 CERTIFIED
A-17233-78133 CERTIFIED
A-17206-67693 CERTIFIED
A-17206-67690 CERTIFIED
A-17206-67661 CERTIFIED
A-17206-67659 CERTIFIED
A-17206-67695 CERTIFIED
A-17205-67655 CERTIFIED
A-17201-65976 CERTIFIED
A-17201-66110 CERTIFIED
A-17201-66049 CERTIFIED
A-17201-65996 CERTIFIED
A-17195-63535 CERTIFIED
A-17195-63649 CERTIFIED
A-17195-63604 CERTIFIED
A-17195-63590 CERTIFIED
A-17195-63550 CERTIFIED
A-17172-53914 CERTIFIED
A-17164-49963 CERTIFIED
A-17164-50012 CERTIFIED
A-17139-40494 CERTIFIED
A-17139-40612 CERTIFIED
A-17139-40682 CERTIFIED
A-17137-39435 CERTIFIED
A-17137-39489 CERTIFIED
A-17137-39336 CERTIFIED
A-17137-39475 CERTIFIED
A-17136-38759 CERTIFIED
A-17136-38889 CERTIFIED
A-17136-38830 CERTIFIED
A-17135-38274 CERTIFIED
A-17135-38240 CERTIFIED
A-17131-37081 CERTIFIED
A-17131-37109 CERTIFIED
A-17129-35786 CERTIFIED
A-17129-35741 CERTIFIED
A-17129-35673 CERTIFIED
A-17102-23837 CERTIFIED
A-17102-24034 CERTIFIED
A-17102-24001 CERTIFIED
A-17100-22848 CERTIFIED
A-17100-22792 CERTIFIED
A-17100-22756 CERTIFIED
A-17100-22702 CERTIFIED
A-17100-22659 CERTIFIED
A-17097-22037 CERTIFIED
A-17097-22225 CERTIFIED
A-17097-22159 CERTIFIED
A-17097-22147 CERTIFIED
A-17090-19413 CERTIFIED
A-17061-08450 CERTIFIED
A-17061-08415 CERTIFIED
A-17061-08617 CERTIFIED
A-17061-08548 CERTIFIED
A-17061-08489 CERTIFIED
A-17060-07999 CERTIFIED
A-17059-07608 CERTIFIED
A-17034-98778 CERTIFIED
A-17019-92694 CERTIFIED
A-17019-92640 CERTIFIED
A-17018-92193 CERTIFIED
A-17012-90230 CERTIFIED
A-17005-87379 CERTIFIED
A-17005-87390 CERTIFIED
A-16357-83917 CERTIFIED
A-16357-83963 CERTIFIED
A-16357-83948 CERTIFIED
A-16354-82619 CERTIFIED
A-16354-82635 CERTIFIED
A-16354-82592 CERTIFIED
A-16354-82573 CERTIFIED
A-16350-81242 CERTIFIED
A-16350-81181 CERTIFIED
A-16341-77521 CERTIFIED
A-16337-76608 CERTIFIED
A-16337-76507 CERTIFIED
A-16314-69636 CERTIFIED
A-16293-63248 CERTIFIED
A-16293-63184 CERTIFIED
A-16293-63096 CERTIFIED
A-16293-63062 CERTIFIED
A-16292-62662 CERTIFIED
A-16279-59067 CERTIFIED
A-16259-52892 CERTIFIED
A-16253-51083 CERTIFIED
A-16224-41310 CERTIFIED
A-16222-40514 CERTIFIED
A-16202-34255 CERTIFIED
A-16188-29428 CERTIFIED
A-16187-28993 CERTIFIED
A-16181-27322 CERTIFIED
A-16179-26303 CERTIFIED
A-16179-26187 CERTIFIED
A-16173-24153 CERTIFIED
A-16155-17467 CERTIFIED
A-16155-17461 CERTIFIED
A-16146-14374 CERTIFIED
A-16146-14265 CERTIFIED
A-16139-11390 CERTIFIED
A-16134-09630 CERTIFIED
A-16131-07653 CERTIFIED
A-16126-05932 CERTIFIED
A-16126-05895 CERTIFIED
A-16123-04453 CERTIFIED
A-16118-02466 CERTIFIED
A-16116-01533 CERTIFIED
A-16113-00739 CERTIFIED
A-16112-00146 CERTIFIED
A-16112-00095 CERTIFIED
A-16112-00042 CERTIFIED
A-16104-96430 CERTIFIED
A-16102-95232 CERTIFIED
A-16096-93049 CERTIFIED
A-16071-83172 CERTIFIED
A-16071-83193 CERTIFIED
A-16070-82720 CERTIFIED
A-16062-79024 CERTIFIED
A-16062-78967 CERTIFIED
A-16062-79115 CERTIFIED
A-16060-77956 CERTIFIED
A-16060-77938 CERTIFIED
A-16060-77894 CERTIFIED
A-16056-76707 CERTIFIED
A-16053-75266 CERTIFIED
A-16053-75255 CERTIFIED
A-16050-74683 CERTIFIED
A-16036-69602 CERTIFIED
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