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Certified (467)
Apr 7, 2008
May 15, 2019
Denied (6)
Dec 26, 2012
Feb 28, 2013
Withdrawn (27)
Jun 30, 2009
Mar 18, 2014
Expired (74)
Oct 24, 2007
Feb 7, 2013

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Case Number Decision
A-19057-76726 CERTIFIED
A-19030-67655 CERTIFIED
A-19030-67513 CERTIFIED
A-18345-50763 CERTIFIED
A-18342-49895 CERTIFIED
A-18341-49661 CERTIFIED
A-18340-48841 CERTIFIED
A-18337-47430 CERTIFIED
A-18337-47126 CERTIFIED
A-18334-46392 CERTIFIED
A-18332-45419 CERTIFIED
A-18332-45635 CERTIFIED
A-18332-45434 CERTIFIED
A-18331-45170 CERTIFIED
A-18331-45147 CERTIFIED
A-18331-45089 CERTIFIED
A-18331-45075 CERTIFIED
A-18331-45033 CERTIFIED
A-18331-44984 CERTIFIED
A-18331-44950 CERTIFIED
A-18331-44921 CERTIFIED
A-18330-44620 CERTIFIED
A-18330-44565 CERTIFIED
A-18330-44375 CERTIFIED
A-18330-44332 CERTIFIED
A-18330-44328 CERTIFIED
A-18327-44167 CERTIFIED
A-18327-44159 CERTIFIED
A-18327-44157 CERTIFIED
A-18327-44153 CERTIFIED
A-18326-44065 CERTIFIED
A-18326-44049 CERTIFIED
A-18323-42707 CERTIFIED
A-18320-42146 CERTIFIED
A-18318-41202 CERTIFIED
A-18317-40681 CERTIFIED
A-18317-40457 CERTIFIED
A-18317-40448 CERTIFIED
A-18316-40266 CERTIFIED
A-18313-39551 CERTIFIED
A-18306-36879 CERTIFIED
A-18261-19298 CERTIFIED
A-18247-14059 CERTIFIED
A-18243-13458 CERTIFIED
A-18235-10645 CERTIFIED
A-18234-10384 CERTIFIED
A-18155-82713 CERTIFIED
A-18155-82546 CERTIFIED
A-18136-75977 CERTIFIED
A-18136-76048 CERTIFIED
A-18134-75010 CERTIFIED
A-18134-74821 CERTIFIED
A-18134-74987 CERTIFIED
A-18134-74906 CERTIFIED
A-18131-74626 CERTIFIED
A-18131-74613 CERTIFIED
A-18130-73792 CERTIFIED
A-18130-73762 CERTIFIED
A-18130-73771 CERTIFIED
A-18129-73210 CERTIFIED
A-18129-73438 CERTIFIED
A-18128-72914 CERTIFIED
A-18128-72857 CERTIFIED
A-18124-71522 CERTIFIED
A-18124-71565 CERTIFIED
A-18124-71549 CERTIFIED
A-18124-71447 CERTIFIED
A-18108-64854 CERTIFIED
A-18094-59431 CERTIFIED
A-18059-48455 CERTIFIED
A-18039-41231 CERTIFIED
A-18038-40636 CERTIFIED
A-18038-40597 CERTIFIED
A-18034-39344 CERTIFIED
A-18025-35006 CERTIFIED
A-17349-22365 CERTIFIED
A-17349-22362 CERTIFIED
A-17349-22299 CERTIFIED
A-17349-22292 CERTIFIED
A-17349-22141 CERTIFIED
A-17349-22329 CERTIFIED
A-17348-21630 CERTIFIED
A-17347-20956 CERTIFIED
A-17347-21070 CERTIFIED
A-17346-20642 CERTIFIED
A-17346-20701 CERTIFIED
A-17346-20668 CERTIFIED
A-17345-20127 CERTIFIED
A-17342-19374 CERTIFIED
A-17342-19366 CERTIFIED
A-17342-19567 CERTIFIED
A-17341-18930 CERTIFIED
A-17341-18992 CERTIFIED
A-17341-19019 CERTIFIED
A-17341-18975 CERTIFIED
A-17341-18943 CERTIFIED
A-17341-18862 CERTIFIED
A-17340-18239 CERTIFIED
A-17339-17960 CERTIFIED
A-17339-17828 CERTIFIED
A-17338-17061 CERTIFIED
A-17332-14501 CERTIFIED
A-17332-14487 CERTIFIED
A-17332-14559 CERTIFIED
A-17332-14541 CERTIFIED
A-17326-13541 CERTIFIED
A-17326-13458 CERTIFIED
A-17325-12884 CERTIFIED
A-17325-12978 CERTIFIED
A-17324-12695 CERTIFIED
A-17323-12213 CERTIFIED
A-17322-12141 CERTIFIED
A-17322-12143 CERTIFIED
A-17322-12120 CERTIFIED
A-17320-11209 CERTIFIED
A-17319-11000 CERTIFIED
A-17318-10274 CERTIFIED
A-17314-09551 CERTIFIED
A-17314-09541 CERTIFIED
A-17314-09315 CERTIFIED
A-17314-09290 CERTIFIED
A-17314-09280 CERTIFIED
A-17314-09307 CERTIFIED
A-17314-09314 CERTIFIED
A-17314-09301 CERTIFIED
A-17313-09055 CERTIFIED
A-17313-08733 CERTIFIED
A-17272-93045 CERTIFIED
A-17270-92040 CERTIFIED
A-17269-91817 CERTIFIED
A-17263-89006 CERTIFIED
A-17221-74058 CERTIFIED
A-17213-70426 CERTIFIED
A-17164-50214 CERTIFIED
A-17160-48749 CERTIFIED
A-17152-45365 CERTIFIED
A-17143-41686 CERTIFIED
A-17143-41633 CERTIFIED
A-17142-41107 CERTIFIED
A-17139-40531 CERTIFIED
A-17138-40185 CERTIFIED
A-17136-38956 CERTIFIED
A-17136-38932 CERTIFIED
A-17136-38831 CERTIFIED
A-17136-38820 CERTIFIED
A-17136-38876 CERTIFIED
A-17135-38630 CERTIFIED
A-17135-38621 CERTIFIED
A-17135-38252 CERTIFIED
A-17135-38520 CERTIFIED
A-17132-37640 CERTIFIED
A-17132-37991 CERTIFIED
A-17132-37707 CERTIFIED
A-17131-37395 CERTIFIED
A-17131-37346 CERTIFIED
A-17130-36685 CERTIFIED
A-17128-35522 CERTIFIED
A-17128-35381 CERTIFIED
A-17128-35123 CERTIFIED
A-17124-34156 CERTIFIED
A-17124-34034 CERTIFIED
A-17124-33920 CERTIFIED
A-17121-32420 CERTIFIED
A-17118-31322 CERTIFIED
A-17068-11774 CERTIFIED
A-17068-11742 CERTIFIED
A-17047-03986 CERTIFIED
A-16343-78778 CERTIFIED
A-16343-78647 CERTIFIED
A-16342-78096 CERTIFIED
A-16342-78084 CERTIFIED
A-16342-78227 CERTIFIED
A-16340-77220 CERTIFIED
A-16337-76595 CERTIFIED
A-16336-76381 CERTIFIED
A-16336-76150 CERTIFIED
A-16335-75631 CERTIFIED
A-16335-75622 CERTIFIED
A-16335-75879 CERTIFIED
A-16335-75813 CERTIFIED
A-16335-75803 CERTIFIED
A-16335-75913 CERTIFIED
A-16335-75585 CERTIFIED
A-16335-75552 CERTIFIED
A-16335-75514 CERTIFIED
A-16334-75367 CERTIFIED
A-16334-75123 CERTIFIED
A-16334-75113 CERTIFIED
A-16334-75099 CERTIFIED
A-16334-75095 CERTIFIED
A-16334-75077 CERTIFIED
A-16328-74152 CERTIFIED
A-16327-73963 CERTIFIED
A-16327-73902 CERTIFIED
A-16327-73889 CERTIFIED
A-16327-73868 CERTIFIED
A-16326-73263 CERTIFIED
A-16326-73308 CERTIFIED
A-16326-73270 CERTIFIED
A-16326-73244 CERTIFIED
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