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Certified (438)
Apr 7, 2008
Jul 12, 2018
Denied (3)
Feb 2, 2011
Apr 19, 2013
Withdrawn (6)
Oct 12, 2007
Mar 20, 2013
Expired (138)
Oct 1, 2007
Apr 5, 2016

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Case Number Decision
A-18082-55493 CERTIFIED
A-18082-55485 CERTIFIED
A-18074-52762 CERTIFIED
A-18053-46005 CERTIFIED
A-18051-45145 CERTIFIED
A-18051-45114 CERTIFIED
A-18051-45140 CERTIFIED
A-18044-42864 CERTIFIED
A-18043-42454 CERTIFIED
A-17363-26114 CERTIFIED
A-17362-25708 CERTIFIED
A-17362-25707 CERTIFIED
A-17361-25321 CERTIFIED
A-17361-25325 CERTIFIED
A-17359-24982 CERTIFIED
A-17359-24983 CERTIFIED
A-17335-16239 CERTIFIED
A-17313-08705 CERTIFIED
A-17313-08858 CERTIFIED
A-17313-08846 CERTIFIED
A-17313-08834 CERTIFIED
A-17313-08788 CERTIFIED
A-17313-08775 CERTIFIED
A-17313-08756 CERTIFIED
A-17313-08699 CERTIFIED
A-17313-08704 CERTIFIED
A-17312-08231 CERTIFIED
A-17312-08169 CERTIFIED
A-17312-08158 CERTIFIED
A-17277-94544 CERTIFIED
A-17243-82109 CERTIFIED
A-17243-82169 CERTIFIED
A-17235-78892 CERTIFIED
A-17235-78888 CERTIFIED
A-17234-78380 CERTIFIED
A-17234-78376 CERTIFIED
A-17233-77892 CERTIFIED
A-17233-77849 CERTIFIED
A-17233-77816 CERTIFIED
A-17230-77306 CERTIFIED
A-17230-77265 CERTIFIED
A-17230-77259 CERTIFIED
A-17229-76777 CERTIFIED
A-17226-75265 CERTIFIED
A-17226-75264 CERTIFIED
A-17151-45112 CERTIFIED
A-17150-44438 CERTIFIED
A-17149-43929 CERTIFIED
A-17149-43923 CERTIFIED
A-17149-43911 CERTIFIED
A-17148-43798 CERTIFIED
A-17148-43846 CERTIFIED
A-17146-43690 CERTIFIED
A-17146-43752 CERTIFIED
A-17145-43318 CERTIFIED
A-17143-42158 CERTIFIED
A-17142-41537 CERTIFIED
A-17142-41304 CERTIFIED
A-17139-40809 CERTIFIED
A-17137-39728 CERTIFIED
A-17136-39151 CERTIFIED
A-17130-36277 CERTIFIED
A-17116-29810 CERTIFIED
A-17079-15265 CERTIFIED
A-17075-14109 CERTIFIED
A-17074-13630 CERTIFIED
A-17074-13624 CERTIFIED
A-17074-13620 CERTIFIED
A-17074-13670 CERTIFIED
A-17073-13206 CERTIFIED
A-17073-13179 CERTIFIED
A-17073-13170 CERTIFIED
A-17073-13173 CERTIFIED
A-17072-12605 CERTIFIED
A-17072-12590 CERTIFIED
A-17072-12606 CERTIFIED
A-17072-12589 CERTIFIED
A-17071-12510 CERTIFIED
A-17060-07919 CERTIFIED
A-17059-07464 CERTIFIED
A-17059-07429 CERTIFIED
A-17059-07420 CERTIFIED
A-17059-07427 CERTIFIED
A-17059-07422 CERTIFIED
A-17058-07040 CERTIFIED
A-17058-07025 CERTIFIED
A-17058-06996 CERTIFIED
A-17057-06929 CERTIFIED
A-17027-96098 CERTIFIED
A-17027-96064 CERTIFIED
A-17027-96063 CERTIFIED
A-17027-96052 CERTIFIED
A-17027-96050 CERTIFIED
A-17027-96080 CERTIFIED
A-17027-96075 CERTIFIED
A-17027-96068 CERTIFIED
A-17027-96066 CERTIFIED
A-16307-67711 CERTIFIED
A-16306-67301 CERTIFIED
A-16305-66929 CERTIFIED
A-16305-66932 CERTIFIED
A-16269-55999 CERTIFIED
A-16268-56011 CERTIFIED
A-16221-40297 CERTIFIED
A-16221-40289 CERTIFIED
A-16221-40282 CERTIFIED
A-16220-39872 CERTIFIED
A-16220-39853 CERTIFIED
A-16220-39874 CERTIFIED
A-16220-39855 CERTIFIED
A-16200-33800 CERTIFIED
A-16197-32933 CERTIFIED
A-16196-32959 CERTIFIED
A-16196-32958 CERTIFIED
A-16193-31445 CERTIFIED
A-16193-31465 CERTIFIED
A-16153-16856 CERTIFIED
A-16153-16842 CERTIFIED
A-16151-15872 CERTIFIED
A-16151-15861 CERTIFIED
A-16150-15765 CERTIFIED
A-16149-15755 CERTIFIED
A-16144-13555 CERTIFIED
A-16139-11821 CERTIFIED
A-16139-11854 CERTIFIED
A-16138-11325 CERTIFIED
A-16132-08813 CERTIFIED
A-16131-08134 CERTIFIED
A-16109-98733 CERTIFIED
A-16108-98253 CERTIFIED
A-16102-95802 CERTIFIED
A-16097-94008 CERTIFIED
A-16097-93998 CERTIFIED
A-16097-93986 CERTIFIED
A-16097-93984 CERTIFIED
A-16094-92238 CERTIFIED
A-16094-92237 CERTIFIED
A-16092-92167 CERTIFIED
A-16084-88632 CERTIFIED
A-16082-87912 CERTIFIED
A-16082-87895 CERTIFIED
A-16082-87906 CERTIFIED
A-16080-86752 CERTIFIED
A-16080-86751 CERTIFIED
A-16080-86749 CERTIFIED
A-16080-86747 CERTIFIED
A-16080-86703 CERTIFIED
A-16069-82483 CERTIFIED
A-16069-82007 CERTIFIED
A-16069-82569 CERTIFIED
A-16066-80762 CERTIFIED
A-16066-80764 CERTIFIED
A-16062-79430 CERTIFIED
A-16062-79402 CERTIFIED
A-16061-78896 CERTIFIED
A-16055-76649 CERTIFIED
A-16052-75157 CERTIFIED
A-16046-73102 CERTIFIED
A-16046-73082 CERTIFIED
A-16046-73044 CERTIFIED
A-16046-73128 CERTIFIED
A-16046-73016 CERTIFIED
A-16045-72965 CERTIFIED
A-16045-72963 CERTIFIED
A-16042-72331 CERTIFIED
A-16040-71189 CERTIFIED
A-16038-70206 CERTIFIED
A-16038-70178 CERTIFIED
A-16027-66152 CERTIFIED
A-16027-66136 CERTIFIED
A-16027-66133 CERTIFIED
A-16024-64553 CERTIFIED
A-16024-64550 CERTIFIED
A-16024-64532 CERTIFIED
A-16021-63898 CERTIFIED
A-16021-63860 CERTIFIED
A-16019-62810 CERTIFIED
A-16019-62797 CERTIFIED
A-16013-60979 CERTIFIED
A-16012-60388 CERTIFIED
A-16011-59821 CERTIFIED
A-16011-59677 CERTIFIED
A-15364-56003 CERTIFIED
A-15364-55958 CERTIFIED
A-15304-34628 CERTIFIED
A-15304-34627 CERTIFIED
A-15302-34155 CERTIFIED
A-15300-33114 CERTIFIED
A-15300-33109 CERTIFIED
A-15299-32563 CERTIFIED
A-15299-32559 CERTIFIED
A-15298-32078 CERTIFIED
A-15298-32090 CERTIFIED
A-15298-32084 CERTIFIED
A-15298-32075 CERTIFIED
A-15297-32036 CERTIFIED
A-15232-10460 CERTIFIED
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