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Certified (258)
Apr 9, 2008
Sep 6, 2019
Denied (8)
May 28, 2009
Jan 23, 2014
Withdrawn (6)
Feb 14, 2008
Feb 23, 2011
Expired (106)
Oct 9, 2007
Mar 25, 2013

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Case Number Decision
A-19158-15394 CERTIFIED
A-19157-14926 CERTIFIED
A-19151-12411 CERTIFIED
A-19151-12300 CERTIFIED
A-19151-12247 CERTIFIED
A-19141-07819 CERTIFIED
A-19119-98718 CERTIFIED
A-19091-87435 CERTIFIED
A-19065-79415 CERTIFIED
A-19059-77868 CERTIFIED
A-19058-77508 CERTIFIED
A-19057-77063 CERTIFIED
A-19030-67904 CERTIFIED
A-19024-65569 CERTIFIED
A-19014-62181 CERTIFIED
A-18334-46634 CERTIFIED
A-18323-42928 CERTIFIED
A-18323-43023 CERTIFIED
A-18323-42841 CERTIFIED
A-18319-41877 CERTIFIED
A-18297-33078 CERTIFIED
A-18296-32574 CERTIFIED
A-18296-32598 CERTIFIED
A-18283-27558 CERTIFIED
A-18240-12091 CERTIFIED
A-18239-11690 CERTIFIED
A-18219-05174 CERTIFIED
A-18187-94782 CERTIFIED
A-18187-94779 CERTIFIED
A-18176-90624 CERTIFIED
A-18176-90546 CERTIFIED
A-18159-84508 CERTIFIED
A-18151-81630 CERTIFIED
A-18108-64832 CERTIFIED
A-18092-58300 CERTIFIED
A-18080-54733 CERTIFIED
A-18072-52137 CERTIFIED
A-18068-51229 CERTIFIED
A-18036-39686 CERTIFIED
A-17347-21157 CERTIFIED
A-17333-15170 CERTIFIED
A-17325-13176 CERTIFIED
A-17325-13100 CERTIFIED
A-17325-13056 CERTIFIED
A-17314-09279 CERTIFIED
A-17307-06804 CERTIFIED
A-17298-02877 CERTIFIED
A-17297-02537 CERTIFIED
A-17297-02490 CERTIFIED
A-17293-01179 CERTIFIED
A-17286-98578 CERTIFIED
A-17286-98645 CERTIFIED
A-17286-98554 CERTIFIED
A-17243-82307 CERTIFIED
A-17243-82162 CERTIFIED
A-17236-79522 CERTIFIED
A-17235-79351 CERTIFIED
A-17209-69308 CERTIFIED
A-17199-65180 CERTIFIED
A-17187-60381 CERTIFIED
A-17159-48350 CERTIFIED
A-17144-42661 CERTIFIED
A-17131-37124 CERTIFIED
A-17131-36998 CERTIFIED
A-17130-36719 CERTIFIED
A-17123-33596 CERTIFIED
A-17123-33630 CERTIFIED
A-17110-27773 CERTIFIED
A-17097-22396 CERTIFIED
A-17097-22360 CERTIFIED
A-17094-20680 CERTIFIED
A-17089-18919 CERTIFIED
A-17079-15647 CERTIFIED
A-17068-11665 CERTIFIED
A-17066-10037 CERTIFIED
A-17065-09729 CERTIFIED
A-17059-07499 CERTIFIED
A-17048-04196 CERTIFIED
A-17047-04041 CERTIFIED
A-17047-04089 CERTIFIED
A-17047-03949 CERTIFIED
A-17041-01748 CERTIFIED
A-17037-99828 CERTIFIED
A-17020-93484 CERTIFIED
A-17019-92714 CERTIFIED
A-17018-92062 CERTIFIED
A-17012-90493 CERTIFIED
A-17012-90452 CERTIFIED
A-17012-90405 CERTIFIED
A-17011-90037 CERTIFIED
A-16358-84472 CERTIFIED
A-16358-84423 CERTIFIED
A-16355-83103 CERTIFIED
A-16306-67170 CERTIFIED
A-16299-65171 CERTIFIED
A-16279-59238 CERTIFIED
A-16279-59273 CERTIFIED
A-16252-50646 CERTIFIED
A-16238-46171 CERTIFIED
A-16231-43827 CERTIFIED
A-16231-43713 CERTIFIED
A-16231-43659 CERTIFIED
A-16211-37328 CERTIFIED
A-16211-37388 CERTIFIED
A-16211-37364 CERTIFIED
A-16196-32587 CERTIFIED
A-16167-22224 CERTIFIED
A-16138-10889 CERTIFIED
A-16137-10305 CERTIFIED
A-16109-98347 CERTIFIED
A-16109-98329 CERTIFIED
A-16089-90650 CERTIFIED
A-16084-89007 CERTIFIED
A-16062-79318 CERTIFIED
A-16056-77040 CERTIFIED
A-16056-77011 CERTIFIED
A-16056-77121 CERTIFIED
A-16055-76428 CERTIFIED
A-16042-72258 CERTIFIED
A-16029-66967 CERTIFIED
A-16020-63217 CERTIFIED
A-15355-53337 CERTIFIED
A-15355-53408 CERTIFIED
A-15355-53491 CERTIFIED
A-15337-46345 CERTIFIED
A-15310-36968 CERTIFIED
A-15285-27373 CERTIFIED
A-15278-24944 CERTIFIED
A-15272-22991 CERTIFIED
A-15264-19869 CERTIFIED
A-15251-15492 CERTIFIED
A-15245-14133 CERTIFIED
A-15231-09759 CERTIFIED
A-15212-04263 CERTIFIED
A-15210-03366 CERTIFIED
A-15208-02267 CERTIFIED
A-15187-95042 CERTIFIED
A-15180-92659 CERTIFIED
A-15169-88456 CERTIFIED
A-15162-85440 CERTIFIED
A-15159-83867 CERTIFIED
A-15148-80607 CERTIFIED
A-15134-76515 CERTIFIED
A-15126-73950 CERTIFIED
A-15098-65195 CERTIFIED
A-15092-63425 CERTIFIED
A-15076-59122 CERTIFIED
A-15063-56030 CERTIFIED
A-15041-49473 CERTIFIED
A-15014-42420 CERTIFIED
A-15006-39765 CERTIFIED
A-14311-23836 CERTIFIED
A-14304-21282 CERTIFIED
A-14289-16288 CERTIFIED
A-14289-16467 CERTIFIED
A-14251-04869 CERTIFIED
A-14227-98762 CERTIFIED
A-14217-95388 CERTIFIED
A-14188-85743 CERTIFIED
A-14177-82443 CERTIFIED
A-14177-82698 CERTIFIED
A-14162-77331 CERTIFIED
A-14157-75628 CERTIFIED
A-14157-75788 CERTIFIED
A-14155-75078 CERTIFIED
A-14136-70206 CERTIFIED
A-14126-66697 CERTIFIED
A-14120-64945 CERTIFIED
A-14087-56307 CERTIFIED
A-14085-55780 CERTIFIED
A-14080-54778 CERTIFIED
A-14058-45870 CERTIFIED
A-14058-45887 CERTIFIED
A-14029-36800 CERTIFIED
A-14028-36480 CERTIFIED
A-14028-36499 CERTIFIED
A-14023-35309 CERTIFIED
A-14008-31014 CERTIFIED
A-14003-29806 CERTIFIED
A-13354-26843 CERTIFIED
A-13351-25485 CERTIFIED
A-13343-22919 CERTIFIED
A-13343-22878 CERTIFIED
A-13340-22363 CERTIFIED
A-13336-20098 CERTIFIED
A-13324-17352 CERTIFIED
A-13318-15221 CERTIFIED
A-13269-00588 CERTIFIED
A-13255-96146 CERTIFIED
A-13239-91547 CERTIFIED
A-13212-84532 CERTIFIED
A-13207-83257 CERTIFIED
A-13203-81924 CERTIFIED
A-13178-75967 CERTIFIED
A-13158-69803 CERTIFIED
A-13144-66271 CERTIFIED
A-13136-64201 CERTIFIED
A-13116-59367 CERTIFIED
A-13116-59504 CERTIFIED
A-13109-57512 DENIED
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