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Certified (337)
Apr 8, 2008
Sep 18, 2019
Denied (12)
Jan 7, 2008
Jan 3, 2014
Withdrawn (19)
Oct 20, 2008
Mar 7, 2014
Expired (145)
Oct 1, 2007
Apr 1, 2013

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Case Number Decision
A-19193-30300 CERTIFIED
A-19193-30263 CERTIFIED
A-19193-30138 CERTIFIED
A-19176-23030 CERTIFIED
A-19171-21296 CERTIFIED
A-19137-06696 CERTIFIED
A-19113-96433 CERTIFIED
A-19080-83723 CERTIFIED
A-19079-83641 CERTIFIED
A-19057-76923 CERTIFIED
A-19053-75983 CERTIFIED
A-19053-75860 CERTIFIED
A-19045-73556 CERTIFIED
A-19045-73666 CERTIFIED
A-19039-71504 CERTIFIED
A-19039-71248 CERTIFIED
A-19038-71142 CERTIFIED
A-19038-71091 CERTIFIED
A-19036-70088 CERTIFIED
A-18324-43494 CERTIFIED
A-18320-42432 CERTIFIED
A-18311-38557 CERTIFIED
A-18270-23242 CERTIFIED
A-18249-15277 CERTIFIED
A-18243-13618 CERTIFIED
A-18242-13330 CERTIFIED
A-18211-02751 CERTIFIED
A-18211-02747 CERTIFIED
A-18206-00998 CERTIFIED
A-18190-95224 CERTIFIED
A-18187-94961 CERTIFIED
A-18186-94443 CERTIFIED
A-18186-94412 CERTIFIED
A-18185-94286 CERTIFIED
A-18185-94223 CERTIFIED
A-18184-94122 CERTIFIED
A-18184-94098 CERTIFIED
A-18183-93755 CERTIFIED
A-18183-93496 CERTIFIED
A-18183-93705 CERTIFIED
A-18180-93133 CERTIFIED
A-18180-92834 CERTIFIED
A-18180-93142 CERTIFIED
A-18177-91368 CERTIFIED
A-18162-85187 CERTIFIED
A-18157-83717 CERTIFIED
A-18149-80527 CERTIFIED
A-18137-76544 CERTIFIED
A-18120-69618 CERTIFIED
A-18110-66075 CERTIFIED
A-18107-64145 CERTIFIED
A-18032-38669 CERTIFIED
A-17304-05086 CERTIFIED
A-17290-99763 CERTIFIED
A-17242-81631 CERTIFIED
A-17240-80570 CERTIFIED
A-17240-80735 CERTIFIED
A-17221-74136 CERTIFIED
A-17221-74078 CERTIFIED
A-17220-73534 CERTIFIED
A-17205-67315 CERTIFIED
A-17205-67566 CERTIFIED
A-17202-66917 CERTIFIED
A-17198-64618 CERTIFIED
A-17198-64479 CERTIFIED
A-17198-64456 CERTIFIED
A-17198-64324 CERTIFIED
A-17192-61838 CERTIFIED
A-17191-61624 CERTIFIED
A-17156-46332 CERTIFIED
A-17153-45836 CERTIFIED
A-17153-45823 CERTIFIED
A-17116-29838 CERTIFIED
A-17116-30168 CERTIFIED
A-17116-30044 CERTIFIED
A-17115-29196 CERTIFIED
A-17114-28951 CERTIFIED
A-17096-21711 CERTIFIED
A-17096-21685 CERTIFIED
A-17066-09946 CERTIFIED
A-17065-09476 CERTIFIED
A-17065-09577 CERTIFIED
A-17062-08905 CERTIFIED
A-17062-09079 CERTIFIED
A-17062-08879 CERTIFIED
A-17058-07219 CERTIFIED
A-17058-07073 CERTIFIED
A-17058-07081 CERTIFIED
A-17038-00253 CERTIFIED
A-17032-97674 CERTIFIED
A-17032-97936 CERTIFIED
A-17018-92315 CERTIFIED
A-17013-90915 CERTIFIED
A-17011-90100 CERTIFIED
A-17010-89477 CERTIFIED
A-17005-87703 CERTIFIED
A-16337-76497 CERTIFIED
A-16336-76034 CERTIFIED
A-16315-70108 CERTIFIED
A-16315-70055 CERTIFIED
A-16315-70053 CERTIFIED
A-16314-69793 CERTIFIED
A-16267-55625 CERTIFIED
A-16251-50130 CERTIFIED
A-16245-48700 CERTIFIED
A-16243-47900 CERTIFIED
A-16237-46000 CERTIFIED
A-16223-41131 CERTIFIED
A-16203-34827 CERTIFIED
A-16201-34180 CERTIFIED
A-16194-31778 CERTIFIED
A-16194-31740 CERTIFIED
A-16182-28090 CERTIFIED
A-16180-26877 CERTIFIED
A-16168-22674 CERTIFIED
A-16167-22266 CERTIFIED
A-16165-21162 CERTIFIED
A-16152-16291 CERTIFIED
A-16130-07110 CERTIFIED
A-16119-03247 CERTIFIED
A-16116-01634 CERTIFIED
A-16102-95638 CERTIFIED
A-16057-77301 CERTIFIED
A-16047-73445 CERTIFIED
A-16047-73508 CERTIFIED
A-16007-58120 CERTIFIED
A-16007-58119 CERTIFIED
A-15342-47855 CERTIFIED
A-15302-33749 CERTIFIED
A-15289-29522 CERTIFIED
A-15287-28063 CERTIFIED
A-15282-26928 CERTIFIED
A-15279-25348 CERTIFIED
A-15278-24915 CERTIFIED
A-15275-24412 CERTIFIED
A-15265-20381 CERTIFIED
A-15264-19868 CERTIFIED
A-15258-17884 CERTIFIED
A-15254-16714 CERTIFIED
A-15254-16707 CERTIFIED
A-15254-16671 CERTIFIED
A-15251-15425 CERTIFIED
A-15247-15096 CERTIFIED
A-15246-14735 CERTIFIED
A-15245-13903 CERTIFIED
A-15244-13692 CERTIFIED
A-15230-09640 CERTIFIED
A-15226-08657 CERTIFIED
A-15225-08342 CERTIFIED
A-15224-07649 CERTIFIED
A-15224-07696 CERTIFIED
A-15211-03634 CERTIFIED
A-15210-03040 CERTIFIED
A-15210-03251 CERTIFIED
A-15209-02645 CERTIFIED
A-15208-02193 CERTIFIED
A-15203-00845 CERTIFIED
A-15201-99909 CERTIFIED
A-15191-97137 CERTIFIED
A-15187-94884 CERTIFIED
A-15177-91915 CERTIFIED
A-15162-85371 CERTIFIED
A-15149-81011 CERTIFIED
A-15140-78274 CERTIFIED
A-15131-75211 CERTIFIED
A-15127-74130 CERTIFIED
A-15126-73643 CERTIFIED
A-15126-73876 CERTIFIED
A-15124-72873 CERTIFIED
A-15084-61782 CERTIFIED
A-15069-57428 CERTIFIED
A-15048-51352 CERTIFIED
A-15042-50099 CERTIFIED
A-15033-47401 CERTIFIED
A-15027-46053 CERTIFIED
A-15026-45509 CERTIFIED
A-15023-44958 CERTIFIED
A-15021-44140 CERTIFIED
A-15020-43813 CERTIFIED
A-15019-43537 CERTIFIED
A-14345-33489 CERTIFIED
A-14343-32266 CERTIFIED
A-14342-31712 CERTIFIED
A-14304-21365 CERTIFIED
A-14248-04387 CERTIFIED
A-14240-02268 CERTIFIED
A-14233-00551 CERTIFIED
A-14232-00018 CERTIFIED
A-14231-99573 CERTIFIED
A-14231-99525 CERTIFIED
A-14230-98987 CERTIFIED
A-14217-95432 CERTIFIED
A-14217-95319 CERTIFIED
A-14212-94163 CERTIFIED
A-14209-92936 CERTIFIED
A-14181-84149 CERTIFIED
A-14181-84159 CERTIFIED
A-14167-78801 CERTIFIED
A-14164-78158 CERTIFIED
A-14142-71569 CERTIFIED
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