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Certified (367)
Apr 10, 2008
Sep 20, 2019
Denied (7)
Jun 8, 2010
Aug 16, 2012
Withdrawn (9)
Jan 23, 2009
Feb 25, 2010
Expired (200)
Oct 2, 2007
Apr 1, 2013

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Case Number Decision
A-19200-33026 CERTIFIED
A-19196-30680 CERTIFIED
A-19165-18722 CERTIFIED
A-19165-18372 CERTIFIED
A-19164-17831 CERTIFIED
A-19164-17808 CERTIFIED
A-19144-09987 CERTIFIED
A-19135-05538 CERTIFIED
A-19127-02058 CERTIFIED
A-19126-01461 CERTIFIED
A-19123-00812 CERTIFIED
A-19116-97822 CERTIFIED
A-19115-97564 CERTIFIED
A-19093-88276 CERTIFIED
A-19093-88150 CERTIFIED
A-19081-84474 CERTIFIED
A-19078-83168 CERTIFIED
A-19077-82727 CERTIFIED
A-19067-80379 CERTIFIED
A-19050-74398 CERTIFIED
A-19025-66319 CERTIFIED
A-19025-66331 CERTIFIED
A-19017-63208 CERTIFIED
A-19008-59907 CERTIFIED
A-18339-48389 CERTIFIED
A-18338-47800 CERTIFIED
A-18318-40991 CERTIFIED
A-18310-37977 CERTIFIED
A-18298-33264 CERTIFIED
A-18274-24057 CERTIFIED
A-18267-21548 CERTIFIED
A-18253-16396 CERTIFIED
A-18225-07254 CERTIFIED
A-18225-07146 CERTIFIED
A-18218-04815 CERTIFIED
A-18211-02455 CERTIFIED
A-18208-01984 CERTIFIED
A-18193-96786 CERTIFIED
A-18180-93136 CERTIFIED
A-18178-91755 CERTIFIED
A-18172-89239 CERTIFIED
A-18171-88795 CERTIFIED
A-18171-88847 CERTIFIED
A-18171-88716 CERTIFIED
A-18169-87607 CERTIFIED
A-18163-85619 CERTIFIED
A-18162-85093 CERTIFIED
A-18157-83372 CERTIFIED
A-18127-72116 CERTIFIED
A-18109-65486 CERTIFIED
A-18108-64679 CERTIFIED
A-18085-56167 CERTIFIED
A-18082-55729 CERTIFIED
A-18074-52956 CERTIFIED
A-18074-52878 CERTIFIED
A-18073-52384 CERTIFIED
A-18073-52619 CERTIFIED
A-18072-52142 CERTIFIED
A-18059-48308 CERTIFIED
A-18058-47801 CERTIFIED
A-18053-46271 CERTIFIED
A-18046-43798 CERTIFIED
A-18038-40675 CERTIFIED
A-18032-38267 CERTIFIED
A-18027-36091 CERTIFIED
A-18025-35053 CERTIFIED
A-18011-30038 CERTIFIED
A-18010-29418 CERTIFIED
A-17354-23647 CERTIFIED
A-17352-22665 CERTIFIED
A-17339-17725 CERTIFIED
A-17338-17327 CERTIFIED
A-17334-15781 CERTIFIED
A-17333-15297 CERTIFIED
A-17324-12344 CERTIFIED
A-17312-08198 CERTIFIED
A-17311-07782 CERTIFIED
A-17311-07939 CERTIFIED
A-17306-06096 CERTIFIED
A-17298-03016 CERTIFIED
A-17291-00284 CERTIFIED
A-17285-97754 CERTIFIED
A-17284-97229 CERTIFIED
A-17283-96502 CERTIFIED
A-17276-94356 CERTIFIED
A-17275-93698 CERTIFIED
A-17264-89573 CERTIFIED
A-17263-89013 CERTIFIED
A-17254-85327 CERTIFIED
A-17251-84736 CERTIFIED
A-17240-80616 CERTIFIED
A-17234-78658 CERTIFIED
A-17191-61438 CERTIFIED
A-17171-53542 CERTIFIED
A-17164-49894 CERTIFIED
A-17159-48482 CERTIFIED
A-17157-46946 CERTIFIED
A-17145-43167 CERTIFIED
A-17122-32917 CERTIFIED
A-17121-32103 CERTIFIED
A-17117-30741 CERTIFIED
A-17111-28072 CERTIFIED
A-17097-22118 CERTIFIED
A-17096-21408 CERTIFIED
A-17083-17181 CERTIFIED
A-17079-15365 CERTIFIED
A-17075-14340 CERTIFIED
A-17062-09019 CERTIFIED
A-17062-08959 CERTIFIED
A-17048-04245 CERTIFIED
A-17037-99540 CERTIFIED
A-17027-96226 CERTIFIED
A-17017-91686 CERTIFIED
A-17017-91579 CERTIFIED
A-17009-88850 CERTIFIED
A-16357-83923 CERTIFIED
A-16343-78682 CERTIFIED
A-16321-71770 CERTIFIED
A-16301-65732 CERTIFIED
A-16270-56196 CERTIFIED
A-16270-56065 CERTIFIED
A-16263-54007 CERTIFIED
A-16252-50537 CERTIFIED
A-16251-50286 CERTIFIED
A-16231-43633 CERTIFIED
A-16222-40379 CERTIFIED
A-16211-37177 CERTIFIED
A-16202-34535 CERTIFIED
A-16201-33851 CERTIFIED
A-16189-29970 CERTIFIED
A-16183-28598 CERTIFIED
A-16183-28582 CERTIFIED
A-16182-28425 CERTIFIED
A-16175-25270 CERTIFIED
A-16174-24519 CERTIFIED
A-16168-22506 CERTIFIED
A-16162-20407 CERTIFIED
A-16161-20179 CERTIFIED
A-16161-20137 CERTIFIED
A-16160-19561 CERTIFIED
A-16159-18875 CERTIFIED
A-16146-14433 CERTIFIED
A-16146-14381 CERTIFIED
A-16131-08007 CERTIFIED
A-16127-06514 CERTIFIED
A-16113-00923 CERTIFIED
A-16111-99541 CERTIFIED
A-16106-98051 CERTIFIED
A-16104-96750 CERTIFIED
A-16104-96694 CERTIFIED
A-16088-90042 CERTIFIED
A-16088-89787 CERTIFIED
A-16081-86827 CERTIFIED
A-16077-85487 CERTIFIED
A-16068-81862 CERTIFIED
A-16040-70971 CERTIFIED
A-16034-68488 CERTIFIED
A-16034-68684 CERTIFIED
A-16033-68173 CERTIFIED
A-16033-68239 CERTIFIED
A-16029-67066 CERTIFIED
A-16022-64129 CERTIFIED
A-16019-62355 CERTIFIED
A-15357-54257 CERTIFIED
A-15348-50173 CERTIFIED
A-15345-49892 CERTIFIED
A-15344-49078 CERTIFIED
A-15343-48535 CERTIFIED
A-15328-43225 CERTIFIED
A-15327-42833 CERTIFIED
A-15324-42236 CERTIFIED
A-15309-36163 CERTIFIED
A-15296-31812 CERTIFIED
A-15294-30675 CERTIFIED
A-15285-27372 CERTIFIED
A-15273-23609 CERTIFIED
A-15259-18042 CERTIFIED
A-15258-17990 CERTIFIED
A-15251-15329 CERTIFIED
A-15208-02232 CERTIFIED
A-15204-01374 CERTIFIED
A-15203-00658 CERTIFIED
A-15166-86427 CERTIFIED
A-15159-83998 CERTIFIED
A-15159-83931 CERTIFIED
A-15156-83527 CERTIFIED
A-15153-81953 CERTIFIED
A-15149-80920 CERTIFIED
A-15138-77382 CERTIFIED
A-15119-71739 CERTIFIED
A-15118-71127 CERTIFIED
A-15099-65530 CERTIFIED
A-15097-64638 CERTIFIED
A-15083-61289 CERTIFIED
A-15068-56944 CERTIFIED
A-15065-56509 CERTIFIED
A-15054-52860 CERTIFIED
A-15044-50762 CERTIFIED
A-15030-47119 CERTIFIED
A-15012-41363 CERTIFIED
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