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Certified (249)
Apr 8, 2008
Sep 11, 2019
Denied (2)
Mar 12, 2010
Mar 25, 2010
Withdrawn (9)
Jun 10, 2009
Nov 13, 2013
Expired (90)
Oct 22, 2007
Mar 13, 2013

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Case Number Decision
A-19161-15954 CERTIFIED
A-19154-13080 CERTIFIED
A-19136-06275 CERTIFIED
A-19106-93935 CERTIFIED
A-19102-92086 CERTIFIED
A-19098-90108 CERTIFIED
A-19098-90171 CERTIFIED
A-19095-89658 CERTIFIED
A-19071-81018 CERTIFIED
A-19067-80355 CERTIFIED
A-19067-80329 CERTIFIED
A-19067-80405 CERTIFIED
A-19053-76025 CERTIFIED
A-19043-72422 CERTIFIED
A-19042-71929 CERTIFIED
A-19039-71558 CERTIFIED
A-19035-69604 CERTIFIED
A-19035-69480 CERTIFIED
A-19035-69560 CERTIFIED
A-19025-66210 CERTIFIED
A-19004-58917 CERTIFIED
A-18360-56345 CERTIFIED
A-18299-33883 CERTIFIED
A-18298-33712 CERTIFIED
A-18263-20596 CERTIFIED
A-18262-19906 CERTIFIED
A-18249-15422 CERTIFIED
A-18247-14347 CERTIFIED
A-18226-07495 CERTIFIED
A-18220-05669 CERTIFIED
A-18220-05616 CERTIFIED
A-18215-04223 CERTIFIED
A-18207-01526 CERTIFIED
A-18201-99785 CERTIFIED
A-18191-95644 CERTIFIED
A-18173-89932 CERTIFIED
A-18157-83357 CERTIFIED
A-18114-67432 CERTIFIED
A-18108-64994 CERTIFIED
A-18103-63256 CERTIFIED
A-18088-57462 CERTIFIED
A-18087-57183 CERTIFIED
A-18082-55824 CERTIFIED
A-18077-53744 CERTIFIED
A-18058-47893 CERTIFIED
A-18053-46144 CERTIFIED
A-18026-35775 CERTIFIED
A-18026-35796 CERTIFIED
A-18002-26777 CERTIFIED
A-17349-22105 CERTIFIED
A-17347-21025 CERTIFIED
A-17250-84596 CERTIFIED
A-17229-76952 CERTIFIED
A-17229-76920 CERTIFIED
A-17220-73263 CERTIFIED
A-17216-72461 CERTIFIED
A-17207-68514 CERTIFIED
A-17195-63835 CERTIFIED
A-17173-55109 CERTIFIED
A-17173-55073 CERTIFIED
A-17172-54418 CERTIFIED
A-17166-51634 CERTIFIED
A-17166-51372 CERTIFIED
A-17153-46012 CERTIFIED
A-17145-42891 CERTIFIED
A-17145-42881 CERTIFIED
A-17135-38625 CERTIFIED
A-17131-37342 CERTIFIED
A-17130-36405 CERTIFIED
A-17129-35768 CERTIFIED
A-17125-34784 CERTIFIED
A-17121-32348 CERTIFIED
A-17101-23593 CERTIFIED
A-17086-17766 CERTIFIED
A-17080-15983 CERTIFIED
A-17080-15958 CERTIFIED
A-17053-05743 CERTIFIED
A-17027-96175 CERTIFIED
A-17026-95576 CERTIFIED
A-17015-91208 CERTIFIED
A-16316-70467 CERTIFIED
A-16273-57514 CERTIFIED
A-16258-52613 CERTIFIED
A-16244-48202 CERTIFIED
A-16244-48158 CERTIFIED
A-16210-36759 CERTIFIED
A-16145-13682 CERTIFIED
A-16125-05679 CERTIFIED
A-16110-98871 CERTIFIED
A-16106-97632 CERTIFIED
A-16105-97432 CERTIFIED
A-16084-88927 CERTIFIED
A-16083-88484 CERTIFIED
A-16063-79794 CERTIFIED
A-16033-68022 CERTIFIED
A-16020-63114 CERTIFIED
A-15355-53310 CERTIFIED
A-15348-50303 CERTIFIED
A-15329-43827 CERTIFIED
A-15294-30671 CERTIFIED
A-15271-22587 CERTIFIED
A-15271-22353 CERTIFIED
A-15240-12836 CERTIFIED
A-15226-08709 CERTIFIED
A-15216-05160 CERTIFIED
A-15210-03246 CERTIFIED
A-15210-03169 CERTIFIED
A-15202-00179 CERTIFIED
A-15168-87866 CERTIFIED
A-15168-87795 CERTIFIED
A-15160-84617 CERTIFIED
A-15160-84561 CERTIFIED
A-15138-77278 CERTIFIED
A-15126-73798 CERTIFIED
A-15125-73445 CERTIFIED
A-15125-73407 CERTIFIED
A-15113-69694 CERTIFIED
A-15111-69032 CERTIFIED
A-15111-69084 CERTIFIED
A-15107-68245 CERTIFIED
A-15103-66420 CERTIFIED
A-15091-63183 CERTIFIED
A-15091-63252 CERTIFIED
A-15064-56373 CERTIFIED
A-15064-56205 CERTIFIED
A-15048-51321 CERTIFIED
A-15042-50077 CERTIFIED
A-15042-49999 CERTIFIED
A-15035-48138 CERTIFIED
A-15027-45964 CERTIFIED
A-15026-45350 CERTIFIED
A-15013-41959 CERTIFIED
A-14342-32024 CERTIFIED
A-14342-31820 CERTIFIED
A-14316-24871 CERTIFIED
A-14282-14331 CERTIFIED
A-14276-12977 CERTIFIED
A-14245-03166 CERTIFIED
A-14234-00702 CERTIFIED
A-14219-96130 CERTIFIED
A-14203-91261 CERTIFIED
A-14202-90826 CERTIFIED
A-14190-86297 CERTIFIED
A-14190-86341 CERTIFIED
A-14177-82393 CERTIFIED
A-14177-82359 CERTIFIED
A-14174-80984 CERTIFIED
A-14164-78292 CERTIFIED
A-14163-77537 CERTIFIED
A-14156-75470 CERTIFIED
A-14155-75013 CERTIFIED
A-14155-75083 CERTIFIED
A-14153-73968 CERTIFIED
A-14134-69178 CERTIFIED
A-14133-68781 CERTIFIED
A-14101-59817 CERTIFIED
A-14098-58755 CERTIFIED
A-14098-58861 CERTIFIED
A-14097-58498 CERTIFIED
A-14084-55448 CERTIFIED
A-14084-55400 CERTIFIED
A-14083-55269 CERTIFIED
A-14051-43390 CERTIFIED
A-14048-42287 CERTIFIED
A-14021-34267 CERTIFIED
A-14020-34137 CERTIFIED
A-13346-24222 CERTIFIED
A-13330-19235 CERTIFIED
A-13317-14466 CERTIFIED
A-13301-06397 WITHDRAWN
A-13269-00819 CERTIFIED
A-13261-98087 CERTIFIED
A-13225-87746 CERTIFIED
A-13214-85290 CERTIFIED
A-13200-81585 CERTIFIED
A-13199-81062 CERTIFIED
A-13184-77503 CERTIFIED
A-13175-74568 CERTIFIED
A-13170-73332 CERTIFIED
A-13163-70941 CERTIFIED
A-13161-70219 CERTIFIED
A-13136-64322 CERTIFIED
A-13134-63757 CERTIFIED
A-13129-62498 CERTIFIED
A-13126-61633 CERTIFIED
A-13122-61038 CERTIFIED
A-13121-60569 CERTIFIED
A-13121-60697 CERTIFIED
A-13108-57123 CERTIFIED
A-13105-56102 CERTIFIED
A-13093-52537 CERTIFIED
A-13066-46093 CERTIFIED
A-13051-41823 CERTIFIED
A-13042-39554 CERTIFIED
A-13035-37506 CERTIFIED
A-13029-35267 CERTIFIED
A-13024-34399 CERTIFIED
A-13004-27385 CERTIFIED
A-12356-25036 CERTIFIED
A-12340-20066 CERTIFIED
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