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Jun 19, 2018
Sep 16, 2019
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Case Number Decision
A-19170-20446 CERTIFIED
A-19169-19681 CERTIFIED
A-19148-10644 CERTIFIED
A-19148-10701 CERTIFIED
A-19141-08043 CERTIFIED
A-19128-02745 CERTIFIED
A-19126-01421 CERTIFIED
A-19126-01517 CERTIFIED
A-19126-01320 CERTIFIED
A-19123-00728 CERTIFIED
A-19123-00869 CERTIFIED
A-19122-00499 CERTIFIED
A-19115-97569 CERTIFIED
A-19109-95378 CERTIFIED
A-19107-94342 CERTIFIED
A-19107-94491 CERTIFIED
A-19107-94549 CERTIFIED
A-19106-93930 CERTIFIED
A-19106-93855 CERTIFIED
A-19105-93288 CERTIFIED
A-19105-92760 CERTIFIED
A-19094-88936 CERTIFIED
A-19091-87562 CERTIFIED
A-19079-83498 CERTIFIED
A-19070-80704 CERTIFIED
A-19052-75268 CERTIFIED
A-19051-75028 CERTIFIED
A-19043-72347 CERTIFIED
A-19042-71865 CERTIFIED
A-19036-69891 CERTIFIED
A-19035-69421 CERTIFIED
A-19035-69496 CERTIFIED
A-19029-67162 CERTIFIED
A-19028-66921 CERTIFIED
A-19025-66408 CERTIFIED
A-19023-65006 CERTIFIED
A-19018-63934 CERTIFIED
A-19018-64021 CERTIFIED
A-19017-63640 CERTIFIED
A-19017-63562 CERTIFIED
A-19016-63112 CERTIFIED
A-19015-62581 CERTIFIED
A-19015-62576 CERTIFIED
A-19010-61011 CERTIFIED
A-19009-60477 CERTIFIED
A-19009-60574 CERTIFIED
A-19008-59781 CERTIFIED
A-19007-59413 CERTIFIED
A-19003-58216 CERTIFIED
A-19002-57955 CERTIFIED
A-18365-57652 CERTIFIED
A-18353-54362 CERTIFIED
A-18352-53756 CERTIFIED
A-18351-53222 CERTIFIED
A-18346-51258 CERTIFIED
A-18345-50650 CERTIFIED
A-18341-49837 CERTIFIED
A-18339-48570 CERTIFIED
A-18339-48516 CERTIFIED
A-18338-47979 CERTIFIED
A-18337-47155 CERTIFIED
A-18332-45617 CERTIFIED
A-18332-45446 CERTIFIED
A-18332-45550 CERTIFIED
A-18330-44394 CERTIFIED
A-18320-42247 CERTIFIED
A-18319-42000 CERTIFIED
A-18311-38728 CERTIFIED
A-18310-38243 CERTIFIED
A-18309-37428 CERTIFIED
A-18304-35812 CERTIFIED
A-18299-33915 CERTIFIED
A-18295-31717 CERTIFIED
A-18292-31230 CERTIFIED
A-18292-30951 CERTIFIED
A-18291-30670 CERTIFIED
A-18290-30298 CERTIFIED
A-18290-30367 CERTIFIED
A-18289-29700 CERTIFIED
A-18284-28058 CERTIFIED
A-18281-26515 CERTIFIED
A-18269-22564 CERTIFIED
A-18268-22011 CERTIFIED
A-18264-20911 CERTIFIED
A-18264-20887 CERTIFIED
A-18260-19026 CERTIFIED
A-18260-19033 CERTIFIED
A-18256-17941 CERTIFIED
A-18254-17243 CERTIFIED
A-18253-16466 CERTIFIED
A-18253-16325 CERTIFIED
A-18250-15978 CERTIFIED
A-18248-14867 CERTIFIED
A-18247-14443 CERTIFIED
A-18242-13357 CERTIFIED
A-18242-13309 CERTIFIED
A-18229-08960 CERTIFIED
A-18225-07291 CERTIFIED
A-18222-06825 CERTIFIED
A-18222-06787 CERTIFIED
A-18221-06132 CERTIFIED
A-18214-03888 CERTIFIED
A-18201-99726 CERTIFIED
A-18200-99323 CERTIFIED
A-18200-99069 CERTIFIED
A-18199-98595 CERTIFIED
A-18198-98300 CERTIFIED
A-18172-89519 CERTIFIED
A-18155-82659 CERTIFIED
A-18152-81734 CERTIFIED
A-18151-81476 CERTIFIED
A-18149-80456 CERTIFIED
A-18141-77579 CERTIFIED
A-18131-74625 CERTIFIED
A-18131-74475 CERTIFIED
A-18131-74404 CERTIFIED
A-18131-74393 CERTIFIED
A-18131-74571 CERTIFIED
A-18130-74018 CERTIFIED
A-18130-74148 CERTIFIED
A-18129-73623 CERTIFIED
A-18127-72212 CERTIFIED
A-18124-71726 CERTIFIED
A-18123-71206 CERTIFIED
A-18123-71160 CERTIFIED
A-18122-70390 CERTIFIED
A-18116-68384 CERTIFIED
A-18115-67794 CERTIFIED
A-18114-67382 CERTIFIED
A-18113-66936 CERTIFIED
A-18103-63143 CERTIFIED
A-18093-58815 CERTIFIED
A-18089-57740 CERTIFIED
A-18065-49802 CERTIFIED
A-18064-49607 CERTIFIED
A-18057-47340 CERTIFIED
A-18054-46704 CERTIFIED
A-18047-44467 CERTIFIED
A-18039-41666 CERTIFIED
A-18037-40333 CERTIFIED
A-18037-40296 CERTIFIED
A-18036-39558 CERTIFIED
A-18030-37257 CERTIFIED
A-18024-34774 CERTIFIED
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